It has never been easier, or more fun, to create emojis!

Just choose two emojis, and with a swipe, you get tens of different and unique emojis that you can use as stickers in iMessage & WhatsApp.

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The missing action center for Android TV

Dashboard is a replacement for the native apps screen.

It allows you to also access sideloaded apps, games, recent apps, and control center from one screen.

Track the spread of coronavirus on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

The app shows a distribution map, charts, and a timeline for every country. You can also see city-level data for the US, Canada, Australia, and China.

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Screensaver for Unsplash on Android TV

Dreamy is an elegant, beautiful, and simple screensaver for your Android TV.

It turns your TV screen into a beautiful slideshow of the amazing photos provided by Unsplash (

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Dreamy Aquarium
Aquarium on Android TV

Beautiful, elegant, and simple screensaver that turns your TV screen into a beautiful aquarium.

It also shows the date and time, and the current weather conditions for your location.

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Elegant & Simple Kodi Remote

Remox is the most elegant, fast, beautiful, and simple remote control for Kodi.

We focused on simplifying & perfecting the most important features you'll need to control Kodi from your iPhone.

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Keyboard & screen tester

Make sure your keyboard is working as expected and test your screen for any defective pixels.

The app is open source and available on


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