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Create fun emoji mixes

It has never been easier, or more fun, to create emojis!

Just choose two emojis, and with a swipe, you get tens of different and unique emojis that you can use as stickers in iMessage & WhatsApp.

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Screensaver for Unsplash on Android TV

Dreamy is an elegant, beautiful, and simple screensaver for your Android TV.

It turns your TV screen into a beautiful slideshow of the amazing photos provided by Unsplash (

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Dreamy Aquarium
Aquarium on Android TV

Beautiful, elegant, and simple screensaver that turns your TV screen into a beautiful aquarium.

It also shows the date and time, and the current weather conditions for your location.

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Elegant & Simple Kodi Remote

Remox is the most elegant, fast, beautiful, and simple remote control for Kodi.

We focused on simplifying & perfecting the most important features you'll need to control Kodi from your iPhone.